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Since the beginning, we have made sure to use only high-quality & sustainable materials. However, the cultivation of conventional cotton harms the environment and the people considerably, which is why it is important for us to promote organic cotton. Our goal is to make the fashion environmentally friendly & resource-saving. Throughout the production chain, everyone receives a fair wage and there is no discrimination. In addition, we plant 1 tree per purchased item to support reforestation in crisis areas.

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Growing organic cotton ensures that no insecticides, fertilisers or pesticides can seep into the groundwater. This positive effect on soil, water and animals benefits not only local farmers, but the entire biological cycle. During the entire production process, organic cotton uses up to 91% less water resources than conventional cotton.

Recycled materials

Did you know that plastic bottles can be made into clothes? YES you heard right - your old water bottle can be turned into recycled polyester. Studies show that using recycled polyester saves a huge amount of energy in the manufacturing process - up to 53%. It's undeniable that increasing plastic waste is one of our BIGGEST problems at this time. Globally, over 359 million tonnes of plastic were produced in 2018, and up to 12.7 million tonnes of that ends up in the ocean.

No chemical pesticides

We completely avoid chemical pesticides & fertilisers. This means that no chemicals can seep into the groundwater. The workers also benefit from this in terms of health. Fertilisation is only done with manure & compost. Instead of chemical sprays, sunflowers are planted around the cotton plantation, for example. The pests are attracted by the sunflowers and thus spare the cotton plants.

No genetically modified seeds

In 2015, almost 75% of the cotton grown worldwide was from genetically modified seeds. Genetically modified plants are endowed in the laboratory with properties that they do not have naturally. Genetically modified plants are infertile. This means that farmers cannot obtain seeds from the plants, but have to buy new and expensive seeds every year. Many farmers have to take out loans for new seeds and thus get into a debt spiral. Since 1975, there have been over 300,000 recorded farmer suicides due to the excessive cost of seeds, fertilisers & pesticides.

Shipping & Packaging

Through CO2-neutral shipping, we make a positive contribution to environmental protection. Our products are shipped exclusively in recycled materials. Small orders are shipped in grass fibre packaging. The tape and other packaging materials are 100% made from sustainable & recycled materials. Of course everything is VEGAN.

Trees for the planet

Our goal is to give more back to nature than we take. That's why we have consciously decided to donate a part of our profit to crisis areas to plant 1 tree per purchased item. Check out our blog to see exactly where we're helping out and how far we've come thanks to you.

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